Bitcoin supporter Andrew Young running for mayor of New York

Businessman and former US presidential candidate Andrew Young, who has called for transparent and clear regulation of the cryptocurrency industry, has decided to run for mayor of New York. His name has appeared on relevant lists.
The New York City Campaign Finance Council has confirmed to the Bitcoin Lifestyle Financial Times that Young has filed the paperwork necessary to begin fundraising for the election. The businessman himself has yet to comment on his decision.

Young’s involvement in the presidential campaign began in November 2017 with a promise of an unconditional basic income of $1000 for all American adults. He also advocated nationwide regulation of cryptocurrencies instead of separate regulations in each state.

The presidential candidate proposed a clear tax policy, a definition of token status (recognising the existence of utility tokens) and the powers of federal agencies.

In July 2019, Young’s supporters launched an independent political action committee, Humanity Forward Fund, and implemented the possibility of bitcoin donations from Lightning wallets.

Recall that in February 2020, Andrew Young announced that he would end his campaign and withdraw from the race for the US presidency.

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