Venezuelan Government Launches New Crypt Coin Exchange House to Acquire Petros

SUNACRIP in Venezuela announces an update of its website and includes a new exchange house for the purchase and sale of crypto currencies such as Petro and Bitcoin.

Through an official statement, the National Superintendence of Cryptoactives and Related Activities „Sunacrip“ of Venezuela, announced an update of its web platform that will integrate, among other improvements, a new exchange house for the acquisition of Petros.

Venezuela Exchange „VEX“ is the new bet of the government entity that regulates the activities related to cryptomonies in the Latin American country, where its users will be able to acquire the sovereign digital asset Petro through trust money and some decentralized crypts such as Dash, Bitcoin and Litecoin.

VEX’s proposal will allow, in addition to the acquisition of Petros, the purchase and sale of the above-mentioned cryptomonies with Bolivars, the legal tender in the South American country, through P2P technology.

According to the statement, the new exchange house will be accessible through the application of the PetroApp coinage and will be linked to it.

Among the other improvements announced by the local governing body, is the qualification of the Integral Registry of Services in Cryptoactives „RISEC“, a solution launched by the national government to digitally systematize all the information of the users that make life in the crypto cash ecosystem in the oil country.

The new website will also have the ‚Petro Calculator‘, an application to convert crypto-crypt, crypto-fiat and fiat-crypt values, in addition to the link to the Patria Remesas platform, the official service for sending and receiving remittances in cryptomonies.

Finally, the portal announces the incorporation of a real-time price ticker of the ten main cryptomonkets in the market, highlighting the prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Binance Coin, Litecoin and the rest of the top ten of the cryptomarket.

The update is one of the most recent developments implemented by Joselit Ramírez, the director of the crypt-money governing body in Venezuela. Ramírez has been in charge of the body despite accusations from the United States of links with drug trafficking actors, which have resulted in a reward of up to USD 5 million for his capture, as reported by Cointelegraph last March.

As a result of the accusations from the northern country, the official account of the regulatory body Sunacrip on Twitter was restricted by the social network, as indicated by Ramírez himself from his personal account on 18 March 2020.

Opportune Options

The solution presented by Sunacrip comes at a key moment for Venezuelans, who have seen in recent months how the options for exchanging cryptomoney and storage in online purses are being reduced by the withdrawal of support from important signatures in the crypto space.

Recently, the crypto coin provider Xapo was added to the list of companies that have decided to ‚leave‘ Venezuela due to sanctions against the Venezuelan government by the United States.

Following reports of an alleged blockade of access to Coinbase by the Venezuelan government in September and the departure of Paxful from the country, Xapo joined a list of internationally renowned companies that have stopped operating or providing support to residents of the Latin American country, not to mention the refusal of platforms such as LocalCryptos to support Petro Venezolano.

However, despite the above, Localbitcoins, the main P2P trading platform used in the Caribbean country, has mentioned that it does not plan to leave the country for the time being, while the solutions proposed by Sunacrip seem to be trying to capture an increasingly wide audience eager for crypto currencies.

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